Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning

What Is Central Air Conditioning?

When the heat of the summer hits and makes it impossible to enjoy doing the things you love, air conditioning can provide that much-needed relief. It is in moments like this that knowing what the central air conditioning system is and how it works can be beneficial.
Your central air conditioning system is used to evenly cool down the inside of your entire home. It is powered by electricity and works to eliminate warm air by using the air-supply ductwork as well as a series of filters.
The central air conditioning system in your home is rated to a specific SEER levelif it was installed in 2006 or later. This is the national efficiency standard for your system as well as the heat pumps in your home. A SEER rating of 13 or higher is now the standard to ensure proper energy efficiency within your home.

Types of air conditioning system

The air conditioning system you have in your home is dependent on how big of an area needs to be cooled. A window air conditioner is most commonly used a cooling system that works to cool done one room at a time. These systems have all the parts contained within one enclosure, and it is installed into the frame of your window.

A split air conditioner is designed to cool down one or two rooms of your house. It is comprised of two parts – the inside and outside blocks. Installation of the unit doesn’t require any wall openings for placement.

Central air conditioners and heat pumps are typically used to cool larger buildings, entire homes, office spaces, and gyms, for example. These systems have a compressor that sits outside of the build. It uses a refrigerant to transfer the air between the inside block and outside power block to keep you cool.

Basic operation of central air conditioning system

To control your central air conditioning system, a thermostat is used to turn the cooling system on and off, depending on the temperature requirement inside the room. The air-handling unit works to pull the warm air from inside the house. This air goes through a series of filters, where it is cleaned of all dust and dirt.

Air cooling occurs with the help of the refrigerant and a fan. The air then flows back into the house or building for maximum cooling comfort.

How to service central air conditioning at home?

Keeping your central air conditioning system maintained can ensure it lasts for many years to come. One of the steps you can take to ensure proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system is clean the cooling fans at least once a year. Be sure to turn the system off and uses a garden hose to lift and remove any dirt that has formed on the blades.

It is also important to change the filter on a regular basis to ensure clean airflow. Also you must make to grease the furnace’s fan and the outdoor unit regularly.

Follow these steps to properly care for your air conditioning system:

  • Turn off power to the system for safety
  • Remove all dirt and debris from condenser
  • Clean fins of dirt buildup (Carefully, because they bend easily!)
  • Inspect and straighten fins
  • Clean areas around air conditioning unit of leaves and debris
  • Make sure your unit is level
  • Clean evaporator coil inside the unit
  • Unplug evaporator drain
  • Change air filter
  • Turn power on to unit back on and test for proper operation

These steps can help make sure your air conditioning system operates effectively and can help reduce the potential for breakdowns to occur.

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