AC Repair
AC Repair

Don't sweat - have your ac repaired today!

AC repairs for Hatboro, PA, Warrington, PA, Blue Bell, PA & surrounding communities

When your A/C breaks down, the temprauture rises every hour. You'll feel hot, sweaty and down right miserable. Call us 24/7 to bring in one of our knowledgeable HVAC experts who will get you feeling cool and comfortable--Guaranteed.

A/C Rechargeing & Maintenance

Are you afraid you might be stranded without cooling? Keep your system factory fresh with a through rejuvenation. Our highly trained technicians will remedy wear and tear, clean compnents, and recharge refrigerant, all while hunting for signs of possible emergencies. Also check out our protectin plans to make maintenance a regular event.

Improve A/C Energy Efficiency

Rejuvenations don't just keep your A/C running--they keep it at maximum energy efficiency. Over time, dust and wear reduce your systems efficiency... that means your spending more on electricty than you need to keep your home comfortable. Bring us out to restore your lost efficiency and save money on your energy bill!

Contact Stauffer's to schedule your ac repair service today, you'll be greatful you did!

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  • Vinod C.
    Showed up on time, professional and performed the repair in a timely manner. Will definitely use this company again. Thank you.
  • Ed K.
    Very friendly, on time and helped me understand the work that needed to be done. Would hire again.
  • Client
    Very knowledgeable and informative. No hidden costs whatsoever. Will definitely use this company again. Professional and courteous.